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Design Tips – 10 Ways To Ditch The Frames for Something Inspiring

February 23, 2016

From gallery walls to oversized artwork, frames have a place in the home. Although, it’s sometimes nice to switch it up and give your space a new look. Try one or a few of these 10 ways to ditch the frames for a new perspective in your home.

Working That Hat

southwest hats

SMP hats

cluster of hats

Don’t you love using what you already own and reworking it in a useful way?  I love the look of displaying hats on a wall; it not only brings texture but visual interest to a room. This look can also tell a story — try using hats purchased from travels, from friends, or even those passed down from a family member.

When Old is New Again

medallion 1

white medallions

tan medallions

Living in San Francisco, there is no shortage of ceiling medallions due to the Victorian and Edwardian architecture all around. They are, however, no longer just for your ceiling. They are an affordable option that comes in a variety of sizes.  You can paint them any color you like — making them pop or simply allowing them to bring texture down from the ceiling onto the wall – either way, they allow you to create your own unique style.

Live It Up

plant on wall

plant in frame


I love plants and typically include at least one in a room. Taking them out of the planters that sit on the floor and moving them up onto the walls gives a fresh feeling to any room. With a variety of colors, texture, height, and size, your options are endless.

Hanging with Tapestries

Tap 1

tap 2

orange tap

Tapestries make the perfect addition to a room that is in need of life!  They bring in color and texture, and they can even act as a headboard.

Plate It

plates 1

blue plates

black wall platesNew or old, Contemporary or Traditional, plates act as a conversation starter when used to decorate a home.

Sculpture Your Home

men climbing

wood on wall

bedroom sculpture

With endless options, wall sculptures provide intrigue, movement, texture, and color, which allows them to act as show stopping pieces without overwhelming a room.

Weaving Into It

woven 1

woven 2

navy wall woven

These 70’s vibe macrame wall hangings, which weave art and yarn, are more than a micro-trend.  With DIY options and classes to create your own, it’s worth a try!

Time is Ticking

clock 1

black clock

orange clock

Despite your style, clocks of all sizes are a welcome break from framed photos. I love when these overlap and fill a wall, though I also love a clean and Contemporary clock that makes an equally stunning statement.

Real or Faux


taxadermy 2

cow hollow deer

Taxidermy is not just for the log cabin in the woods.  It works wonderfully when incorporated into a gallery wall or placed on its own. Whether it’s real or fake, it’s sure to be noticed.

Not Just For Nursery’s  

embroidrey 1


plants embroidery

Forget coloring books for adults.  Embroidery is making a comeback in a big way! With cheeky sayings or sweet nursery rhymes, you will want to add embroidery to a gallery wall ASAP.

Which of these inspiring ideas will get you to leave the frame behind in your manicured home? 

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