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Loving a Rental and Making It Your Own

August 27, 2015

Image Via: Julia Goodwin Design

I’m one of those people that when I move, I push to move in completely right away. I’ve done this multiple times throughout my life, and each place I’ve moved into is vastly different from the next.  By applying some simple tips to your rental, you will soon discover how your place is not simply space but your home!


Currently, I have four different styles of door knobs in my apartment. While I favor the original crystal knobs, I also love the egg shape knobs due to their detail. I try to embrace the uniqueness of the hardware rather than switching it out. I love how interesting each type is and how they show the history of the building.


Image Via: Julia Goodwin’s Home Tour

Wood floors were a must when looking for an apartment.  What I don’t love is the damage done to the floors by others prior to my moving in. While I can’t repair the wood floors without investing my money into them, I can still let the floors peak through with the use of area rugs in main traffic areas. Statement rugs provide texture, color and warmth while visually anchoring room layouts. The best part is that I can roll them up and take them with me when it’s time to make my next move! For tips on selecting the right rug see my post here.

Door swings can really get in the way of traffic flow — especially in smaller homes. I had a door that was unnecessary for my space. It closed off the hallway, which was inconvenient for me.  To fix this, I simply removed it and had the landlord store it under the building.  Not only have I removed a door that I always left open, but by doing so I opened up the hallway and the path to the office.



Image Via: Julia Goodwin’s Home Tour

Lighting – Switching out lighting is generally easy and one of my favorite parts of any job. The labor to switch it out can vary depending on whether the building has been upgraded from knob-and-tube wiring. In my case, I was working with the buildings’ existing electrical, so I called in the professionals! I love this light fixture and the price point was just right; the best part is that I can have it taken down and relocate it when I move.

50 shades of paint is likely the number of layers that line these walls. While scraping down the walls is not an option, putting my mark on them is. I had pink walls in my bedroom as a child, and I decided to revisit my past by adding a sophisticated mauve wall in my living room.


Image Via: Julia Goodwin Design

Artwork is possibly the most personal item that you will bring into your home. Whether yours is an investment piece or simply a drawing your niece or nephew made, it means something to you and may be a conversation starter. I encourage you to hang artwork as quickly as possible — framed appropriately and ready to be enjoyed. Never has a rental felt more like a home than when the artwork has been hung.

 – I hope you will take these tips and live large in your manicured rental!




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